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GTG Care Services

Saving lives – one heart beat at a time

When Adenike Babatola, GTG Care Services Manager, turned 60, she decided she wanted to give a bit back and saw opportunities both in her local community and in Africa.

Originally from Nigeria, Adenike was aware of the challenges that face many in a country where the infant mortality rate is still high, 112 in 1,000 (20181), in comparison to the rate in the UK of 4 in 1,000 (20182).

Although an oil rich nation, those riches rarely filter down to the vast majority of the population and even providing appropriate medical care for pregnant mothers is a challenge.

Doppler Scans for Expecting Mothers in Nigeria

Six years ago, Adenike decided that as she was still working, she would use her pension income to buy handheld Fetal Doppler machines for clinics in parts of Western Nigeria with the greatest need to help identify babies with difficulties during labour and also get accurate fetal heart rate at each antenatal visit. The reading on the LED screen of the Doppler can be the difference between life and death for the baby if action is taken quickly.

Adenike Babatola

Not only does Adenike buy the equipment, but spends up to nine hours a time travelling on poorly maintained rural roads to reach the communities where they will be used so that she can train the Clinic staff in their use, such as how to listen to a baby’s heartbeat and identify the difference between a normal and an abnormal result.

Hand Held Doppler

Success Creates More Opportunities

As the first babies saved by the doppler machines Adenike had provided reached school age, in a country where you have to pay for education, Adenike’s sons stepped up to pay the school fees for some of the children.

MiD supplys Printers for Nigerian Start-Ups

Back in the UK, GTG Care Services became a customer of MiD Solutions 4 Documents in 2018, taking delivery of one of our latest Sharp Multifunction Printers. The picture below shows Adenike with Aaliyah, MiD Sales Executive, and Julia, MiD Customer Service Manager, collecting 3 refurbished printers, provided by MiD, which she is transporting to Nigeria to support small business start-ups and schools in communities where such facilities are rare and too expensive for most small businesses, let alone schools.

Adenike collection printers from MiD

Working with Homeless People in the UK

Not surprisingly, GTG Care Services is also a company with a social conscience and sought ways to help those in their local area. Today, ten percent of their annual profits are used to provide food for the homeless in the West Midlands, where the company is based.

Responsible Toner Recycling

GTG Care Services is also a participant in the MiD Solutions 4 Documents Toner Cartridge Recycling Programme. MiD provides a box for all used toner and ink cartridges, not only from our own machines, but from any other devices the staff use either in their offices or at home.

Company Profile

Working to improve health care for the elderly and disabled since 2005, GTG Care Services is run by a small family team, including a Nurse with several decades of experience within the NHS, a Clinical Pain Specialist, and a trained Education Specialist for training staff.

Tel: 01922 615 900

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