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MiD is a main dealer for Epson, HP, Lexmark, Sharp and Toshiba and a trusted reseller for other manufacturers such as OKI and NEC. With a passion for customer service that is country-wide, MiD is a fast-growing managed print services provider to businesses throughout the UK.


With no organisation’s needs being too much, MiD delivers a truly tailored service. Our attentive, client facing team are wholly devoted to delivering an outstanding, flexible and lasting service.

Managed Print Services (MPS)

All products supplied by MiD can be placed on a Managed Print Service, from commercial desktop printers right up to large light production devices. These are proactively maintained by our service team for the duration of your managed print service contract.

The simplest way to describe a managed print service is that we manage your printers for you so, while the equipment sits in your office, we ensure that it is always performing. We do this through a variety of means, including automatic online services.

For instance, when the toner is running low, you don’t need to be concerned with searching the internet for the best deal on cheap ink or cheap toner, or getting the next order in on time, as we’ve already taken care of it, ensuring you get excellent value for money whilst receiving high quality consumables when and where you need them.

Similarly, we use field agents throughout the country to provide technical expertise to get any device up and running on the rare occasion something goes wrong.

From one device, through to hundreds of devices, across multiple locations, our service team have the expertise to ensure a trouble-free service from delivery and installation, right through to the removal of the device at the end of the contract, or when upgrading.

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MiD will take your empty toner cartridges away and recycle them according to WEEE guidelines.


Managed Print Service Software

Our Managed Print Service Software monitors your toner usage and re-orders it automatically when running low.

Print Management

As part of this service we also specialise in an expert print management solutions. Acting as your partner, we can adapt and change your printing support as and when changes occur, whether your company is growing or you’re changing your printing needs overall.

We also offer the toner cartridge recycling to help your company meet its sustainability goals, as well as generally keeping costs down. We arrange for toner cartridges to be collected and taken away to be recycled free of charge.

A Passion for Customer Service

MiD prides itself on its customer service. Operating from our office headquarters in Sheffield, we provide our outstanding service to companies throughout the UK.

Our enthusiastic and highly responsive, qualified Sharp and Toshiba field engineers maintain customer machines countrywide. Our engineers and support staff always offer the highest standards of knowledge, professionalism and assistance, guaranteeing piece of mind when contacting a member of our team.

Nationwide Services

With our head office in Sheffield and regional centres in Leeds, Teesside, Nottingham and Blackburn, our managed print services are available countrywide, helping businesses to stay on top of all their vital document management and print service needs.

Each of our services come with their own benefits and are designed to provide key business benefits, from a cost-effective solution to ensuring you always have well-maintained, working devices to meet your day to day needs.

Managed Document Services (MDS)

While they may often seem to be interchangeable, the key difference with managed document services is that they aren’t just focused on essential print management. The 21st century is digital, and modern businesses now have online documents, archives and support that also needs to be considered. This is essential in companies with multiple offices, or those that have warehouse and office facilities, where relying on printed means alone just isn’t as effective or productive.

Document management and workflow automation systems empower you to capture, process and use your businesses information productively and start a digital transformation of your business. Our managed document services and support ensure your infrastructure is open to those who need it, when they need it, and with documents that are up to date at all times.

The MiD Difference

While other companies may be happy to simply ship you a multi-function printer, we see such equipment as so much more. We know how essential these facilities are to any company, which is why we provide unique, tailored services for each and every organisation. Whether its a managed print service or managed document services for one device, many, or even over multiple locations.

For instance, we are a main dealer for both Sharp and Toshiba multi-function printers, and a trusted reseller for other manufacturers such as HP, so we can always provide businesses with the high quality, multifunction printers that answer their exacting needs. We also take in numerous factors for each client, such as your available office space and even the amount of employees in each location, to ensure a custom solution.

On top of this, we provide flawless support throughout our cooperation. In addition to simple toner management and recycling we ensure support if something goes wrong, as well as constant print management assistance whenever you require it.

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