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PaperCut MF 21.0

What’s new in PaperCut MF 21.0?

PaperCut MF is fast becoming the default print management system for businesses and organisations looking to secure their print operations and control their costs.

Version 21.0 adds ways to sync users, scan to fax for Healthcare, and support for Microsoft Universal Print out of beta.

PaperCup MF 21

Import and sync users

User administration can be a laborious task. Leave user syncing up to PaperCut and not your IT department.

To make your lives simple and easy we’ve added support for some of your favourite user management directories.

This includes Azure Active Directory (without the need to pay for Active Directory Domain Services or local domain controllers), and support for Google Multi Domain setups.

PaperCut MF 21.0 sync

Scan to fax for Healthcare

Faxing is vital for messaging in healthcare, with organizations looking for simple, consistent, and secure ways to transmit medical information.

Currently users can’t easily send faxes from MFDs. There is a requirement for separate workflows to send faxes. This communication is often not secure or unreliable.

Organizations need a secure, consistent, and reliable experience, regardless of their MFD brand or preferred fax provider. So PaperCut has created superior fax functionality on the MFD.

PaperCut MF 21.0 fax for Healthcare

Copyright compliance automation

Now instead of manually logging your scanned copyrighted material, you can automatically record your copyright material usage through PaperCut MF’s new scan to CLA (UK) cloud connector.

Available to the UK right now!

PaperCut MF 21.0 copyright compliance

Other Enhancements:
  • Updated environmental impact widget appearance. PO-68
  • Upgraded the app server logging system to a newer version. PO-63
  • The PaperCut Connector for Microsoft Universal Print is now included in the standard server installation. PC-18287
  • Added alternative method for synchronizing and authenticating users with Azure Active Directory that no longer requires AD Domain Services. PC-18120 Changed the unit measurements for environmental savings on the dashboard. PO-65

  • Diagnostics files can no longer be uploaded to the cloud from MF. PO-166
  • Added the card/ID numbers (primary and secondary) fields to the fields that can be redacted using our redaction feature. PO-161
  • Add the name for any secondary personal accounts to the fields that can be redacted using our redaction feature. PO-160
  • Added PDF/A conversion support for DocProc. PO-56
  • The Admin web interface now displays the full version of each Site Server in the Sites area. PO-133