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DocuWare is a document management and workflow automation platform that empowers you to capture, process and use your business information, boost productivity, secure information, and start a digital transformation of your business processes and information access with confidence.

We send email instead of letters, book our vacations online, and store pictures in the cloud… all while streaming our favourite music. Video calls have replaced on-site meetings, your taxi arrives via an app, and almost any food can be
delivered within minutes.

The 21st century is digital.

Digitization is shaping the way we work. It’s disrupting traditional models, opening new customer experiences and revolutionising how we do business. This transformation promises great opportunities, but it isn’t always clear exactly where or how to make a start.


Start with document management and workflow automation.

Document management and workflow automation processes must be simple, visible, and provide meaningful steps for launching your organization — whether a small department or an entire enterprise — on it’s digital transformation.

Scalable server-based, or cloud technology, always-available information and digital workflow are all part of the plan that productive companies follow to maximize revenue growth, build the skills of their employees and ensure a future-ready business.

The Complete Solution.

DocuWare is the complete solution for securely archiving business documents of all types and creating flexible and efficient access. Regardless of the format or source, DocuWare automates business processes and workflows by managing and linking documents electronically.

The basis for this is the structured storage of documents in a central document pool. Every employee with the necessary authorization has access to all information needed for their work – regardless of whether they are at their PC in the office or on their smartphone when on the move. All interrelated documents concerning a customer, a project, or a business process are available within a few seconds.

With DocuWare, you can:
  • Capture and organize information
  • Keep documents secure and findable
  • Manage workflow and automate manual steps
  • Keep processes running smoothly
  • Retrieve information and make smarter decisions
  • Use your information as it was intended