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Manage Document Services

Managed Document Services

Want to keep track of all your documentation and enable your teams to operate effectively? Managed document services take all of the hard work out of the equation for you, providing ongoing support for all your needs.

What Is A Managed Document Service?

Every company relies on documents. From invoices and accounts to work orders and internal documentation, such paperwork is essential on both a day to day and long-term basis. This in turn means that, tracking, storing and updating such items is just as vital, which is where managed document services, or MDS, come in.

MDS combines both physical and digital technology to help companies manage their documents. We provide bespoke solutions that enable your staff to create, update, store and securely file or archive documents with ease. Networked multifunction printers can physically scan, copy and print or digitise documents and connect seamlessly to MDS software, providing the complete solution.

How Does It Work?

With managed document services, we will provide your business with the means to capture, centrally store and access all of your documentation, whether you have one office or one hundred. We’ll integrate this solution throughout, so that everything is uploaded, stored and securely archived on your server or in the cloud.

This can also be combined with other solutions, such as central storage servers, print-based backups and automated processes,depending on your exact needs. Workflow automation empowers you to capture, process and use your business information flexibly, securely and productively and start a digital transformation of your business.

What Are The Benefits?

When you have multiple teams, operating in different departments, offices or even countries, it’s very easy to lose track of paperwork, especially when each has its own approach or management methods. This is where paperwork can often become lost between departments, not updated on time or simply not sufficiently accessible to all those involved. Similarly, when sending documentation back and forth with clients, how do you keep track of every update and file issued?How do you meet GDPR requirements for secure access, storage and archiving?

Managed Document Services help navigate around all of these issues. We provide the means to keep both digital and paper copies up to date, as well as ensure all teams havesecure access to any required documentation. What’s more, through our knowledge of printing equipment, digital backups and business expertise, we’ll do so in a cost-efficient and productive manner.The purpose of

MDS is to provide an elegant solution that frees up your teams to do their jobs, rather than worry about paperwork. As such, we enable your business to do what it does best, leaving us to ensure everything is in place and working properly.

How Does It Fit With Other Managed Services?

Alongside managed document services, we also provide additional support, namely in the form of managed print services. Such print management goes hand in hand with documentation, especially if your business relies on physical copies too.

With our managed print service, we’ll ensure every office has working print, scan and copy facilities and the means to manage their own printed copies. Paired with managed documents, this ensures everyone is up to date, so that a team in one department or office isn’t suffering with old printouts that haven’t been updated, for example.

Digital and printed media go hand in hand in business, so it’s vital to have a trusted partner to help you with it all. As one of the few companies that specialises in both, we are able to support you across all of your needs.