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Toshiba C-Series Touch

Toshiba C-Series Touch Displays
4K 24/7 Displays with 10 Point ShadowSense™ Touch & Media Player

For the highest touch-accuracy and reliability, even for operation in high ambient light environments, the 4K C-Series Touch displays are the preferred choice. The line-up is available from 65″ right up to 98″ large format screen sizes.

Toshiba C serioes Touch

Ideal in environments where high quality interactive communication for customers or staff is a must. Interactive information boards, instore e-shopping; the possibilities are endless.


The C-Series Touch is an Interactive Touchscreen Display, compatible with a huge range of touch applications and products. With plug-and-play USB connectivity and ten-point infrared detection, the solution is simple to set up and easy to use. Low power requirements and robust construction make it suitable for the office, retail, or just about any setting.

Toshiba Touch screen technology

Clear, Professional Playback

Toshiba’s cleverly hidden USB port with multi-codec support allows automatic, theft and tamper-proof playback of your audio/ visuals. Activated when the display is switched on, this smart embedded USB player eliminates the need for an external media device.

Toshiba Display USB Media Player

Fully Customisable

Toshiba has made the TE-Series highly personalisable, so you decide on everything: layout, portrait or landscape orientation, logo customisation, and playback mode. Make the screen your own by adding your logo so it appears the moment the device starts up or in case of a period of no signal.


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Toshiba C-Series Touch Displays
General Specification

Toshiba C series Touch