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Toshiba C-Series

Toshiba C-Series Displays
Full HD & 4K Models, with 24/7 Operation and Face-Up Display options

The Toshiba C-Series provides reliable display solutions with small bezel detailing to perfectly complement modern surroundings. Multiple display inputs allow smart connection to computing sources and power impressive Full HD signage applications.

Toshiba C series Display

Ideal for information screens and retail displays, the Toshiba C-Series is available from 43″ to 55″ in Full HD, which feature the additional option of a face-up orientation, and from 65″ to 98″ in 4K, which can be orientated either in portrait or landscape.

Clear, Professional Playback

Toshiba’s cleverly hidden USB port with multi-codec support allows automatic, theft and tamper-proof playback of your audio/ visuals. Activated when the display is switched on, this smart embedded USB player eliminates the need for an external media device.

Toshiba Display USB Media Player

Fully Customisable

Toshiba has made the TE-Series highly personalisable, so you decide on everything: layout, portrait or landscape orientation, logo customisation, and playback mode. Make the screen your own by adding your logo so it appears the moment the device starts up or in case of a period of no signal.

Toshiba Display Orientation


Toshiba C-Series Displays
General Specification

Toshiba C Series