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Toshiba E-series Embedded

Toshiba E-Series Embedded Displays
HD, 16/7 Displays with Embedded Signage, USB Media Player & Optional Touchscreen Technology

In addition to the features on the standard E-Series, the Toshiba E-Series with Embedded Signage allows software partners to embed their own solutions directly within the Toshiba displays, linking central software systems without the need for external media devices, additional cabling, or PCs.

Toshiba E Series Range

Visual Communication for Professionals

Perfect for the corporate, education, retail and travel sectors, the Toshiba E-Series models are robustly built to run 16 hours per day, seven days a week. Skype meetings, presentations, advertising, the list of applications is virtually endless.

Toshiba E Series Display

Optional Touchscreen

Transform your E-Series and turn it into an Interactive Touchscreen Display, compatible with a huge range of touch applications and products. With plug-and-play USB connectivity and ten-point infrared detection, the solution is simple to set up and easy to use. Low power requirements and robust construction make it suitable for the office, retail, or just about any setting.

Toshiba Touch screen technology

Flexibility and Creativity

Featuring a moveable infrared facility, screen tiling and daisy-chain options (connecting of multiple displays, showing one large image or multiple images), the E-Series provides an impressive range of possibilities for engaging your audience and conveying your information and messages are endless.

Toshiba Display Daisy Chain

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Toshiba E-series (Embedded) Displays
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