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Toshiba Q-Series

Toshiba Q-Series Displays

A Bright 24/7 HD screen with USB Media Player & Optional Touchscreen Technology

The Toshiba Q-Series series offers stunningly clear playback of your content in high brightness and doesn’t require an external media player. The range of three 700-nit screens ensures enhanced visual definition, even where you have strong ambient light, lifting your content, whether images or text, to an extraordinarily vivid level.

Toshiba Q Series sizes

The secure USB player plays your audio and visual messages reliably 24/7 around the clock with auto start, auto playback, multi-codec support and failover playback in the absence of an input signal.

Toshiba Q Series 24/7

High Brightness

The 700-nit screen ensures clear definition even where you have high ambient light, making your content extraordinarily vivid. These higher brightness displays are perfect for retail and commercial settings or anywhere increased light might otherwise reduce the impact of your content, such as a window display.

Toshiba Q Series High Brightness

Extensive Connectivity

A wide range of input and output connectivity, including HDMI output as well as built-in Wi-Fi and an open browser, makes Toshiba Q-Series Displays easy to set up and use. Tiling and daisy-chaining options allow you to link numerous screens and create visually striking multi-screen displays.

Optional Touchscreen

Transform your Q-Series Display with an interactive touchscreen, compatible with a huge range of touch applications and products. With plug-and-play USB connectivity and ten-point infrared detection, the solution is simple to set up and easy to use. Low power requirements and robust construction make it suitable for any setting.

Toshiba Q Series Touchscreen

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Toshiba Q-Series Displays
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Toshiba Q-Series Displays