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Toshiba V-Series Touch

Toshiba V-Series Touch Displays

24/7 Full HD Displays with Media Player, 10 Point Infrared Touch, & Flexible Orientation

Toshiba V-Series (Touch) Displays offer advanced touchscreen performance in perfect balance with flexibility and reliability.

Toshiba V Series Displays

Designed for mission-critical 24/7 operation, the V-Series Touch offers a wide selection of connectivity options, that present impactful advertising, entertainment, and information, whilst achieving low operational investment, making them perfect for almost any situation. This touch solution is available in three screen sizes to perfectly adapt to your application.

10-Point Touchscreen

Toshiba V-Series Touch Displays feature an interactive 10-point touchscreen, compatible with a huge range of touch applications and products. With plug-and-play USB connectivity and 10-point infrared detection, the solution is simple to set up and easy to use. Low power requirements and robust construction make it suitable for any setting.

Toshiba P Series Touch

Smart Connectivity

The V-Series provides multiple display inputs and the smart connection of computing sources, including numerous native UHD 4K* resolution inputs with 60Hz refresh rate including DisplayPort, HDMI and an option slot for OPS Slot-in PCs, plus automatic upscaling to UHD* for other signals, provide “pixel-free viewing“ on a large scale.

Toshiba V Series Display

Bright, Clear & Versatile

Power impressive 24/7 signage applications, with high visual quality and the highest level of detail, including “pixel-free” ergonomic viewing in UHD* resolution. The reading experience is easy on the eyes with a combination of 500 cd/m² brightness output and an anti-glare surface.


Flexible Orientation

The screens feature slim bezels and can be installed in portrait, landscape, face-up or even face-down (404-554) orientation, making them a great fit for meeting rooms, corporate huddle spaces, retail stores and shopping centres, hospitality receptions, museums, and in-office digital displays. Toshiba V-Series Displays can be built into tabletops, hung above your physical displays, or totally integrated into your display scheme.

Toshiba P Series Orientation

Note: * Full HD on 32″ to 55″ models


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Toshiba V-Series (Touch) Displays
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